What is the process that triggers working from our side?

It is very simple process and we will start working within few hours(max 24 hours) once you have provided us details such as URL where votes should be delivered, amount of votes etc and we will send votes according to your requirements.
In case, you require Photo Likes then you only have to provide us your URL of Picture and complete the payment process. As soon you we see your payment we will send all the photo likes without wasting any time.

What are the ways that are useful for sending URL/Instructions?

You will be amazed by simplicity of our working because you can send us instructions and URL after paying the charges on our email id [email protected] or contacting us on our site. After we have received your request then we will send you confirmation email to provide you information about your request. You can also change information that you have provided by mistake (In case order is not processed yet).

Is there any set time period for completing the order?

There are various things that can influence time of delivery such as:-

  • Package that you have selected
  • Time period
  • Payment
  • Wrong Information
  • Confirmation email

Once you have provided all the information correctly then these facts can be resolved but if you are seeking votes without any delay then you need to contact our support team at [email protected] and request delivery time. In case deadline of contest that you are seeking votes for is close then make sure you have contacted us without wasting any time. You can also use live chat option for contacting us and discussing your issues.
We offer photo likes within 24 hours but if you require likes very quickly then you should contact us immediately. We also offer quick delivery services and you should select the package very carefully for avoiding inconvenience.

Is there any sort of guarantee to make me winner?

No, there is no guarantee offered that you will win the competition in any manner because we offer only votes. We make sure you will get exact amount of votes that you have ordered within given time period. It is your duty to calculate how many votes or likes will be enough to make you winner.

Is refund offered if disqualified by the contest?

No, we are not responsible if you are disqualified because it is your decision to buy votes. We don’t share the winning amount that you will get so there is no responsibility from our side. But it won’t happen from our side because we use various IP addresses to vote for you and they will look like real votes.

What will happen when votes get deleted after the completion of placed order?

In this situation we are not responsible for providing you votes again because we have completed our job. There is no way that we can delete the votes so you should contact the organizers to seek the correct reasons why your votes were removed.

Do I have to share my profile information such as passwords?

There is no need to share your personal information because we only require instructions for delivering votes and URL of place where we need to deliver likes.

Are there any contests or votes that you don’t provide votes/likes for?

In most of the cases we provide likes and votes to all our clients for making them happy. But there are few situations where we can’t offer our services. If you are seeking likes then we offer likes for only public pictures.

Will you use Unique IP addresses for votes?

Yes, we understand the risks that are involved with using one IP address for voting and that is why we use various IP’s to deliver votes. Also, if your contest accepts votes from only Unique IP’s then we can do that too. Prices may be little higher for Unique IP votes. Please contact us for that.

How can I trust your services?

No, there is no chance that you will get scammed by hiring our services because we believe in maintaining long term business relationships with our clients. We’re always ready to go to extra mile to make you satisfied. That is why we are known as 100% safe service providers and you can totally rely on our services.

Can I use payment method that suits me?

In most of the situation we accept PayPal payments because it is safe and secure. However, you can also send us payments using Credit Card, Skrill, Money Gram, Western union, Payza but for using these options you need to contact us before making payments.

Are you operating from your particular office?

We are India based company with 16 in-house employees who are highly experienced in delivering votes/likes to all types of online contests.

Do you use real looking accounts for likes and votes?

Yes, we send votes from real looking accounts owned by us and these are active facebook accounts which are often logged in. We also use high parameters to provide votes and they are delivered manually.

How much time you will take to send picture likes?

We send likes at very high speed because we stay in contact with our resources and send likes as soon as possible without exceeding time limit of more than 24 hours.

How I will come to know that I haven’t made any mistake in placing order?

You don’t have to take any kind of stress because you can contact our support center in case you have made any kind of mistake. Just leave us an email or chat with us to get the mistake rectified.

How long likes will stay on my pictures (Photo Likes Service)?

We ensure you that likes will stay on your photo as long as photo is available on Facebook. There is only one way that remove these likes and that is deleting the picture. If you have deleted that picture then these likes will also be destroyed.